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Welcome to Frontier Gaming, the future of tabletop roleplaying games. Founded to provide a new system for interactive storytelling, we aim to provide a unique and non-restricted gaming experience. We specialise in creating and independently publishing easily downloadable digital PDF core rulebooks and supplements. 
As a rule, we’ve agreed never release anything “less than awesome”. Read on to learn more about our business, our games, and what we have to offer our community of gamers.

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Please check out our list of published titles. 



Dark Age: Legends is a tabletop roleplay game set in an anarchic alternate medieval history, during a power vacuum that will see your party own their destinies, gain titles and lands, command vast armies and strive to conquer their fate.

This 32-page core rulebook contains all you will need to tell any kind of story set against the backdrop of medieval warfare, intrigue and the search for honour (or crowns). Fight with valour, hide in the shadows, impress with etiquette, or forge a whole new path. There are no class restrictions - your character is your own. 

Included are templates to generate new armies, weapons, armour and NPCs for a truly unique gaming experience.



Guns of Santa Torina (GOST) is a tabletop roleplaying game, and the contents of this 21 page manual contain the core rules needed to create an adventure set within the new Wild West. The game is best played with two to six people, with one person assuming the role of Storyteller.

 Featuring a unique dice rolling system that enables fast paced decision making and allows for any action to be taken, empowering a completely adaptive and open narrative. 

 Character creation let's you tailor a three dimensional character of your choosing, complete with the skills and background that suits your style. In GOST there are no class restrictions to limit the way you wish to play or the story you wish to tell. 


Morningstar: The Triumvirate Pacts is a science fiction/fantasy roleplay game in which Players can use magic, technology or raw strategy in order to achieve their goals. Set in a backdrop of the search for harmony throughout Known Space, take up the mantel of a Morningstar Order and bring justice to the Galaxy... or use your autonomy to further your own ends.

With a unique system to track your Renown and Infamy, and a new way to measure the different types of XP your exploits will earn you, this 132 page rulebook will allow you to take part in epic adventures on a Galactic scale.

There are 8 playable Species to choose from, based on legendary and modern myth, and brought to life for you to experience now. 

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